Russian Malachite – A New Stabilized Gemstone


1. “Russian Malachite” is a new stabilized gemstone material and it’s not real natural Malachite from African, it’s similar as “New Jade” is not Jade. "Jade" is either "Jadeite" from Burma or "Nephrite" from Canada, while "New Jade" is actually a common name in popularly used by the global gemstone industry, this is actually a specific kind of light green color “Serpentine” found in China.


2. The basic theory of producing this new stabilized “Russian Malachite” is very similar to the gemstone “ Stabilized Arizona Turquoise” which is actually a real mineral gemstone with major minerals elements of Copper aluminium phosphate, CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)85H2 O & Calcium Carbonate.  Since most of this turquoise materials are not compact in structure and pale blue not attractive in color; sometimes even close to chalk white color, therefore some gemstone dealers invented a stabilized system which includes injecting of color poly-resin into the cut stone or even to the raw material thru vacuum, high pressure & heating process to enhance the color and structure and such process is named as stabilization of gemstone, and thus they defined a common name as “Stabilized Arizona Turquoise”.  Such “Stabilized Arizona Turquoise” name is seldom found inside major gemology books but it’s widely accepted inside the world’s major gemstone market.


3. “Advance Jewel” has created this new ‘”Russian Malachite” by exclusive high tech production system and has introduced to the gemstone market on March 2009 at HK Jewelry Show and found this gemstone is widely accepted by the dealers and it should have a large market potential.  Advance Jewel has spent many years and invested tremendous efforts to innovate this new gemstone, the main reason is that the genuine Malachite material is in big shortage of supply, especially the quality is getting lower and price too high, to full fill large dealers and designers projects has become very big challenge while this new substitute gemstone has nearly the same beautiful superior grade of genuine malachite, besides the price is so much lower than the genuine Malachite and it’s believed that the future market will be promising and “Advance Jewel” soon after the March Jewelry Show has offered this unique marketing gemstone to all the gemstone dealers to explore the marketing potential together and aims to bring gemstone industry with additional attraction and more choice to the demanding market.

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